The ultimate food journal in your pocket

How do you typically decide on a new place to eat? Let me guess…Yelp? Facebook foodie group? Maybe you’re an influencer so you get hired to try new places. Any of those could be the case but, what happens after you have tried this new restaurant? Rely on memory to determine if you should return. No longer.

Start dining and documenting your food journey to ensure you never repeat a dish mistake again.

Pen and Paper

No more jotting down notes with pen and paper just to misplace them a few days after.

Random Digital Software

Gone are the days of using email drafts, excel spreadsheets, and digital notes.

Pure Memory

Better yet, you no longer have to rely on memory alone.

Go-To {Burger} Spot

Go-To Spot is an app that does one simple job well; helps foodies keep track of the restaurants they have been and want to go to, and allows them to share their favorites with their friends. The next time you have friends in town and they ask “What is your go-to burger spot?” you’ll be ready!


Based on the spots you have logged, GTS shows you consumption stats for your top-eaten cuisines and most visited spot.


Organize your spots by places you Want To Try, Been To, and Go-To, add custom tags, and view them in a list or on a map of the city.


Add personal notes and reviews for each spot then share them or an entire list with your friends and family.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is GTS a public, social platform?

No. This is your personal journal. You don’t have to post it to a public platform in order to save your thoughts about your experience. However, you are free to share your spots with anyone you want.

What are tags?

Tags are adjectives that uniquely describe each spot. For example, a tag for a restaurant could be “dog friendly”, “large patio”, or “date night”. Tags should be repeatable yet unique enough to help organize your lists even further.

Is GTS for the place or the meals I eat while I am there?

Both! You can document all kinds of things about the spots you visit including the service, parking, meals, and any general notes about the restaurant itself.

What are the stats for?

Have you ever wondered which cuisine you eat the most? Ponder no more. Pro tip: use this feature to help you decide where to eat. Instead of going to your go-to spot, dust off one of the cuisines you haven’t eaten in a while.

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